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Hello I'm Ema,

      In 2004 we lost my almost 17 year old brother in a car accident. I was almost 12 at that time. I realized that I didn't have many pictures with him. That is when I realized the importance of photography.

      I remember that ever since I would always loved purchasing deposable camera's. Then my father gave me my 1st point and shoot camera when I was 15. I remember always carrying it with me to high school and photographing all of my friends.  
      I was able to purchase a more professional camera when I was 19. I graduated from NYIP August 2, 2017 when I was 25.
      Photography are memories that remain intact, time fly's in a blank of an eye. When you go back to see a image, it will always be the same. 
      Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions and inquiries. Contact me if you would like to book a session.

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